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Victor A. Novomeysky

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In my officeI was born in 1945 - per year of a Victory above a fascism - in Samara, and in this connection my parents - teachers, have named me Victor. The family has moved to Yekaterinburg-Sverdlovsk in 1950, here I studied, in 1967 has completed radio engineering faculty of the Ural Polytechnic Institute. In 1968-1970 was in the Soviet Army on Southern Ural. And after has returned and has gone to work on Enterprise telecommunications. Worked the engineer, chief of radio-relay shop, chief of the service of operating control in Joint-Stock Company "Rostelecom", then 5 years in JSC "Uralsvyazinform"chief of operation control center .

Long years I did not know, that my grandparents were gold-industrialists from Transbaikalia, and only, due to a case and memoirs written brother of my grandfather, recently has learned about it. Since then I try to extract the items of information on the past of my family, my grandparents, I went even home of my father in Barguzin.

I will be glad very much, if someone will signal me, that knows something about Novomeysky family.

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